Financial wellbeing in the workplace

Tailored support and insight

Design and develop your own good practices that you can share with the wider business community by using our research. This includes design principles for setting up a dedicated programme of initiatives and activities and how to assess their effectiveness.  

Contact our partnerships team to discuss these tailored support and insight options.

Establish a financial wellbeing strategy

We’ll help you to make the business case for financial wellbeing at work, develop a strategic approach to financial wellbeing, and evaluate your strategy.

View our evaluation toolkit

Survey your staff

Use our question banks to develop staff surveys on money matters, and to measure changes in financial wellbeing outcomes.

View our question banks for adults or young adults (age 16-25).

Run a pilot with us

Pioneer new ways to support employee financial wellbeing by running a pilot with us. We’re committed to testing initiatives, gathering evidence and learning from these activities as part of the UK Government’s What Works Network.

For example, PACE (also known as the ‘Money Adviser Network’) is a pilot that will simplify how creditors refer customers in financial difficulty to independent debt advice.

Learn more about the PACE pilot

For opportunities to run a pilot and to hear about existing pilots, keep in touch through our monthly newsletter, social media, or contact our partnerships team.

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Managing money in uncertain times

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